What Really Makes a Home Sell?

Within your neighborhood there are great homes which sell for much higher prices and typical or basic homes which sell for average prices.

The difference in values has little to do with the size of the homes or the bedroom and bathroom counts. The homes which sell for the most money have qualities the buyers in your area seek out. These qualities trigger the buyer to envision future life events at the home and they are worth more.

What really makes your home sell is how many of these qualities your home has.

At Fierce Marketing® we use our patent pending analysis that discovers which qualities buyers in your exact neighborhood most demand and which ones they’ll pay the most to obtain. We then focus our visual work on bringing out the emotional connection between these qualities and the buyer’s anticipated life events.

A great home really does sell itself, but first you have to understand what makes a home great—from a buyer’s perspective. We do this for you and capture it all visually.

The attached video is borrowed from REalMARKABLE® and has a little fun explaining how a buyer chooses a home.