What Creates Value In Your Home?

For your neighborhood there is a very specific pool of potential home buyers. And while they each are a little different they all have very similar values, desires, and anticipated life events. The better the qualities of your home align with your potential buyer’s anticipated life events the more valuable it is.

How well the qualities of each home in your neighborhood meets what the buyers most desire determines its value. You’ve seen this: several homes of about the same style, size, and location sell for greatly different prices. The physical characteristics make little difference in value. It’s how many qualities that each home has relative to the anticipated life events of your pool of buyers that creates the range in values in your neighborhood.

At Fierce Marketing® we discover which qualities the buyers most demand and what they’ll pay the most to obtain using our patent pending analysis. Our software demonstrates what creates value in your home based on what buyers most demand and what they’ll pay the most to obtain. We then film those key qualities in an emotionally triggering way to create your video.

You can’t bore someone into buying your home. So don’t film every room of your house. Hit your buyers with exactly what excites them and make an impact.

A great home really does sell itself, but first you have to understand what makes a home great—from a buyer’s perspective.

The world is searching for their perfect home on the internet. How well does yours show there?

Your great home deserves Fierce Marketing®.