On the Fierce Marketing® site you have choices for scheduling our initial chat. Then there will also be choices to schedule the filming. You can schedule directly from our site what is convenient for you for each.

For filming…well weather can wreak havoc with schedules. Morning and late afternoon shoots are usually not good as we get a lot of shadows, and if there’s much neighborhood traffic it really does not help the image you want to portray. So around mid-day is often best.

Additionally exterior filming turns out poorly in rain or snow, and honestly a lot of wind really messes with any steady-cam work we might do on the exterior. So we’ll do our best to keep our appointed times, but sometimes it’s not possible.

Otherwise anticipate about 3 hours of time to set up and complete the shoot.

The “other when” comes after our initial discussions about the qualities we will be portraying. If you determine certain upgrades or repairs will give you a positive net return based on market desires and what they will pay to get what they want, we will of course schedule your shoot after these upgrades.

Finally, let’s knock out your shoot not less than two weeks before you go to market. For every hour of filming there’s about three hours of editing. So 3-4 hours of planning and research (where we use our patent pending analysis to determine exactly what buyers most demand in your exact neighborhood) and determine which qualities to focus on, 3 hours of filming of on-site filming, and upwards of 9 hours of editing. Plus, if something happens technically and a shot does not come out, we’ll want to come out and get it right.