Why all this hassle? You and I are going to do so much work up front. This is all to ensure we know what the market desires the most, and to ensure we destroy your competition (all the other homes the buyers are looking at). It is a hassle—and it will pay off for you.

Remember, buyers do not buy a series of rooms displayed in the most boring fashion conceivable. They buy the emotional benefits immediately received from envisioning future life events triggered by the most vital qualities of your home. We will discover these through research, and we will visually present them in film. Buyers make decisions based on emotions, and then quickly rationalize their emotionally driven decisions. Those who present their home in an emotional context win the buyer’s hearts.

Finally, nearly 100% of buyers are on the internet. And video gets four times the click-through rates as homes advertised without it. If you are not well represented on the net, you are doing yourself a disservice. And think of it this way, three hours of filming gets you in front of thousands of buyers on the internet. That is much more convenient for both you and your buyers than a half-dozen open houses where maybe two or three people randomly wonder through every room of your home.

The world is searching for their perfect home on the internet. How well does yours show there?